When you stop to consider all the « current events » that capture our attention every day, it seems impossible to settle on one, to select a moment, an event, a person, an issue, worth singling out from the rest.
Is the ongoing slaughter in Syria more « captivating » than a presidential debate in France, Greece’s ongoing economic woes, International Women’s Day, the full moon, the cat staying out until all hours last night, a delicious mushroom risotto for dinner, a poem called « How I Know What I’ll Never Know » revised this afternoon, a broken finger nail, Bob Wilson and Philip Glass’s revival of their mythic opera « Einstein at the Beach, » a random phone call inquiring as to whether I had any gold for sale, a cold rain in late afternoon, snapshots from friends in Australia, a new designer at Yves Saint Laurent, restless sleep, the stillness of the garden at 2 a.m….?
Each is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Which is less a response than an ongoing question.