janvier 2012

Accordian and red beret

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Last night in the Métro at Strasbourg St. Denis, an accordian captured me in transit. I was dolloped by the lateral movement of wind making song in the tunnel. Or was it song riding on wind? For a moment, the world rose and fell there, almost mournful, almost buoyant, between the arms of a man [...]

Always meeting ourselves

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Tonight, a slick film with blood and gore, revenge killing and righteousness, leaves me wondering: Why? The "artist" left his mark. You could almost hear him chuckling. Too bad. "We walk through ourselves,'' James Joyce wrote, "meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves." All is in me [...]

Deep and wide, wide and deep

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The cat came in with wet paws tonight while we ate a mushroom risotto for dinner with green beans on the side. I was happy being the cook. Earlier, on the black t-shirt of the man at the dry-cleaners': "Keep power." I looked around as he wrapped my orange skirt, black jacket, gray sweater: What [...]

So brilliant, so forgettable

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Something brilliant came to mind today, arising somewhere between arrivals and departures, during one of a number of my trips on public transport. It was as brilliant as the sun, whose brightness brought out my sunglasses. It was perfect as the winter sky was blue, impeccable, cloudless, seamless. It reflected everything and everyone that I [...]

All (alone) together

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I heard on the radio this morning that today is the first anniversary of the Tunisian revolution. All sorts of people came together throughout the country to celebrate. Leaders from a variety of Arab nations praised the country and the movement of change that it sparked across the Arab world (even Algeria, hardly a free [...]


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A long day nearing its end is steeped in silence and dark. Now a car rumbles past outside. Now it's gone. Through an empty glass on my desk, the corner of an image appears, a postcard of a Toulouse-Lautrec painting that I love, a reclining woman wearing long black stockings, entitled, "Seule." Tonight, although I [...]

Questions of evidence

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Questions abound tonight after all the day's "evidence" has run its course: some writing work done, meals cooked and eaten, correspondence completed, conversations with the cat pursued and communications about administrative issues undertaken on the phone. The euro crisis, however, has not been resolved. Although of course Lionel Messi was named footballer of the year. [...]

Study group/groupe d’étude

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Starting Friday Jan. 13, The Wild Flower Zen meditation at the Red Earth Centre will include a new study group and discussion instead of a weekly talk by Amy. The evening remains open to all. The text we will begin with is: The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma, translated by Red Pine (North Point Press) in [...]

Glad tidings for 2012: A new (wild flower) jewel in the Web

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That time again, leaving and arriving, looking back, looking ahead... and so I wish you a splendid "beginning," "middle" and "end" of 2012 amid this season of endless comings and goings. May you find and share peace, wisdom and compassion in neither the old nor the new but in this very moment! Also, it's been [...]

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