février 2014

Easter in Portugal with special guest Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi

Par |2015-10-03T16:49:14+01:00février 25th, 2014|La pratique Zen|

Ten years ago, in October 2004, the first seeds of our Wild Flower Zen community in Portugal were planted when the Porto Buddhist Union invited my teacher, Roshi Catherine Genno Pagès, to visit for the first time. I accompanied Genno Roshi for that ground-breaking trip, and have since returned alone to Portugal year after year, [...]


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It's been days since my last entry. Nothing special to note here tonight except this, which came to me via email, among a variety of "inspirational" quotes, and I couldn't let it slip away without sharing it with my zenscribe friends: Generosity is the ornament of the world. Through generosity, one turns back from the [...]

The same again: Happy Birthday James Joyce

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Feb. 2 is so many things for so many people: an ancient pagan day of celebrating light, as the days begin to grow longer after winter's long darkness; a Christian day of celebrating Christ's "presentation to the temple;" a French festive day marked by making crêpes; Groundhog Day in America, which is another version of [...]

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