Lazy autumn Sunday afternoon. After a quiet morning and a lovely lunch with my husband (fish with leeks and new potatoes), I don’t feel much like doing anything other than lounging around the house. One thing I do want to do, though, is make this blog post to wrap up our week of practice…

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone, to all the retreat participants whoever and wherever you are. « Formally, » there were 60 people registered for this retreat; « informally, » we can’t even begin to fathom how many « participated. »  Thank you all for sharing your lives and practices in whatever way you did with us all, and with your families, colleagues, friends, passers-by. And look out for the next Heart of Life retreat in the spring.

We completed the week here in Paris with a rich day of sitting, working, cooking, talking together. Among us, we even had a little boy who came with his parents. That’s life. That’s practice. The talks that were given (in English) on Friday night and on Saturday should now be posted on the website. The titles are « What are They Saying to Me? » and « Behind the Scaffolding » and both elaborate on things we were addressing all week. Also, remember that I post regularly on this blog (especially now that the technology is allowing me to do it again), so please visit it regularly and offer comments.

On my way home from sitting on Friday night, I came upon something written on the sidewalk not far from my house. It was a circle with a dot in the middle, and above it was written, « Wish you were here »! Well, I am here, I thought! I’m always here. And so are you. We’re always right here, wherever we are. In the heart of our lives, each one and all together. « This is our life, » we chant sometimes, « day and night we mediate upon it. »