The weekend newspapers are full of words, stories, images, reflections, conventions, stereotypes, observations, almost everything that can be said fast. After all, journalism is called « literature in a hurry. »
Much of it has already been « overtaken » by events before it’s even printed. Wasn’t it the Stones who sang, « Who wants yesterday’s paper? »
And speaking of the Stones… The undisputed king of riffs, Mr. Keith Richards, the greatest rock n’ roll outlaw of them all, whose very survival to this day is one of the most unbelievable legends and mysteries of our age, is all over the papers these days. Talking about himself. Which means talking about the soundtrack, the model of transgression and rebellion, that has helped make us who we are (at least my generation). Not to mention the gargantuan substance abuse…
No judgements passed here. No hero worship. The guy is who he is. Talking about himself.
Don’t even know if I’ll read his book.
I read an interview this morning, though, and retain this about making music, about art, about the moment, apart from considerations of « then and now: »
« The early rock recordings are interesting, » he said. « Because they are made in such an archaic way… I mean without the intrusion of high-technology. A tape recorder and a few guys. This degree of non-sophistication, not having all the possibilities to change something… that gave immediacy, just capturing the moment. »
Same is still true today, high-tech or low, when « now » is not past or future. Keith still « captures » it. You can hear it in the riffs. And then it’s gone.