Here we go again. Entering the second day of our retreat, a Tuesday, deep into October. And here in Montreuil the day is bathed in brilliant sun.

Last night we ended our sitting in Paris a bit early and drank Champagne — celebrating the launch of this web site that we had worked so hard and so long to create.

Love reading how the day went for each of you, how space felt or didn’t feel, and I look forward to reading how today and the next day and the next will go. It’s all so alive with your precise yet timeless moments, which are also mine and everyone’s.

Today let’s go with another element — water. Pay attention to water — in your bath, your glass or cup of tea, in the sink, in a river near you or a lake or the ocean, a puddle or a raindrop or a cloud. And in you? In the Tibetan scheme, water is the vajra element of clarity and precision and sharpness. Do you see that in you and/or around you? Tell us precisely where you are — WHAT CITY? COUNTRY? STREET? — and what you see and do.

And in the meantime, just do what you have to do today, one breath at a time.