septembre 2010

Salon Zen

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Wild Flower Zen Sangha will be present for five days at the Salon Zen in Paris, from Thursday (Sept. 30) through Monday (Oct. 4). Find us at stand N3, along with Dana Sangha and Michel Dubois's Way of the Heart Sangha. In addition, I'll be giving a talk there ("Le voyage Zen au coeur de [...]

Sick in a free-fall

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Out of nowhere, I've been hit with a bad head cold. Or so I think it "comes" from nowhere! What a funny notion! Nonetheless, it's here. And it's such a beautiful Indian summer in Paris! My nose is running, my eyes are red. I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. Nothing extraordinary, the usual symptoms. Yet [...]

Part of the dance

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Brilliant morning splashed in light. Everything above is searing blue and breathless. Below, a buoyant allure floats throughout, across and around, touching inside and out, a light breeze bearing a promise of warmth to accompany the approach of noon. So many words could fit here. I sprawl among them, welcome them, bask in them. I [...]

Can’t ignore it

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Sometimes life in France under an outrageous government is so strange. Can't think of what other adjective could describe the bizarre acts of the so-called leaders here: people being deported because of their race, immigrants stripped of French nationality for certain crimes, government ministers in cahoots with the rich and powerful, government controlling more and [...]

Everything says it

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We came out after sitting this evening into a balmy Paris night, like Indian summer, someone said. The sidewalks were crowded and the café terraces, too, and the canal glistened. I had just talked about saying what couldn't be said. And then we came out and everything was saying it, immensely.

There is no map

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A long, late summer afternoon is cause for easy pleasure with whatever arises today, whether it be errands, correspondence, a lengthy phone conversation, a backache. Wind runs through the fading foliage unevenly and the sun makes its slow descent. Like us all. Among the prime concerns in the French media for this "rentrée" is a [...]

When the tooth had to go

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Had a tooth pulled today. Planned for a month and a half, it was one of those back-to-the-wall situations: Any other option would have only led to more trouble. The tooth had to go. And so it did. The dentist did his job like a pro, I did mine like an amateur, with a mix [...]

Immensity again

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Things are quiet, the evening cool. It's a "new" month. Time to delve back in to this flow of words, set forth day by day. Again. I've been so many places these weeks, on two continents, under rain and shine, in the pounding heart of cities and the soft rustle of dark woods, life and [...]

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