novembre 2018

The passing of Bernie Glassman

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  The great Bernie Glassman, one of my Zen teachers, died Sunday morning in the United States. I'm still reeling a bit, three days after the news first reached me, in Portugal, hours after the end of a retreat there. Dining with some students later that night, we raised a toast of white wine [...]

octobre 2018

décembre 2016

Patti Smith’s transcendant Nobel moment

Par |2023-01-10T18:27:56+01:00décembre 11th, 2016|Art et Zen|

A beautiful moment of grace last night, in between news of Aleppo's tragedy, suicide bombs in Istanbul, merchants and vacuous celebrities preparing to take over America, polluted Paris coughing and gasping: Patti Smith singing Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm. Winner of the Nobel Literature prize, Dylan declined [...]

juin 2013

Bloomsday, again and again

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Celebrate another (happy) Bloomsday! (tomorrow, June 16) Celebrate your life, the whole and all the parts! We'll be sitting together in Paris, and there's room for you to join wherever you are. “If Socrates leave his house today he will find the sage seated on his doorstep. If Judas go forth tonight it is to [...]

février 2010

juillet 2007

« Ulysses, » episode 6, reading notes

Par |2017-04-04T06:58:22+01:00juillet 10th, 2007|Art et Zen|

Homeric link: Hades/Hadès Scene: The Graveyard/la cimetière Hour: 11 a.m./11 heures Organ: Heart/coeur Art: Religion/religion Colors: White, Black/blanc, noir Symbol: Caretaker/gardien With this visit to the underworld - Glasnevin Cemetery, the heart of Dublin, the city of the dead - Joyce concludes his second triad of episodes. Here the seemingly separate movements of Stephen and [...]

mai 2007

« Ulysse, » notes de lecture: Épisode 5

Par |2017-04-04T06:58:23+01:00mai 29th, 2007|Art et Zen|

Lien avec Homère: Les Lotophages Scène: le bain Heure: 10 heures Organe: Organes génitaux Art: botanique, chimie Symbole: eucharistie Voici de nouveau Bloom, qui, ayant quitté sa maison, commence à tracer son chemin à travers la ville. Il ne retournera au 7 Eccles Street que bien plus tard, fatigué par ses méandres jusqu’au coeur de [...]

Ulysses, reading notes: Episode 5

Par |2017-04-04T06:58:23+01:00mai 26th, 2007|Art et Zen|

Homeric link: The Lotus-Eaters/Les Lotophages Scene: The bath /le bain Hour: 10 a.m./10 heures Organ: Genitals/Organes génitaux Art: Botany, Chemistry/botanique, chimie Symbol: Eucharist/eucharistie Here again is Bloom, who, having left home, begins making his way about the city. He will return to No. 7 Eccles Street only much later, weary from his wanderings, deep in [...]

Séminaire « Ulysses » de Joyce

Par |2015-10-08T07:49:30+01:00mai 2nd, 2007|Art et Zen|

Joyce, le Turc (Ali Baba Bakchich Rahat Loukoum Effendi) Merci à Timour Muhidine (INALCO) et Altan Gokalp (CNRS) de m'avoir reçu dans le cadre de leur séminaire "Traduire la Turquie," où il a été question le 25 avril de la traduction d'Ulysses. Formidables échanges, réflections, remarques sur un classique. Un oeuvre et une discussion plus [...]

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