So here we are, where we always are – right, here, right now. And yet we have never, ever been here before – at this very singular moment, in this unique, distinctive place: I’m at my desk, cat on my lap, the house darkening around me as night is beginning its descent toward the end of the last day of the year 2015.

Look closely: There will never be another moment like this one.

As this wild year comes to an ‘end,’ there is much upon which to reflect. For those of us in Paris, 2015 has been marked by violence, intolerance and hate, as well as wholeness and beauty and unity, from start to finish. Look closely: The same upheaval, the same stillness is present wherever you are, manifesting in innumerable forms.

Amid it all, the question that keeps reoccurring is: How do we live with a broken heart? Look closely: It’s a question that can be answered only within your very own heart.

So here we are! As a ‘new’ year dawns, may we look closely and find our hearts filled with the richness of every single moment.