So here we are, in the midst of fear and uncertainty, stress and anxiety, wondering what to do in this unsettling time for us all. Because you’re reading these words, you have already made a great decision: to stop and sit, take a breath, and seize this challenging moment for what it is — a wonderful teaching in the interconnection and interdependence of all beings and things and an occasion to heighten your awareness about yourself and the whole vulnerable world.

Because I did just that — stopped and took a breath and looked into my heart and the increasingly disturbing uncertainty all around — we are beginning this online retreat together.

I was supposed to be leading an « in-person » retreat in Portugal starting today. But concerned about the coronavirus in general and feeling a particular sense of responsibility toward our hosts in Portugal and their well-being and safety,  we made the decision to cancel that in-person retreat. Once that decision was made, it became clear that we would of course maintain the retreat, naturally adapting it to the evolving situation.

The result is that many more people are now able to join the participants from the original in-person retreat. Thanks for joining us. And we’re all plunging together into uncertainty, putting into practice that most basic of our precepts: not-knowing. I couldn’t be happier!

Try to follow the meditation schedule, either at the scheduled time (in your time zone) or whenever you can, and join the dharma talks via the Zoom link:

Finally, there’s never been another moment like this moment. So please add a comment here to let us know how you are experiencing life in the time of the coronavirus.

May all be well for all.