Today I’ve had a quiet Sunday at home, a much-needed break from all the activity of leading you in this retreat all week. I felt lazy like my cat, sleeping curled up under a bush, half in the sun, half in the shade all afternoon.

Yesterday, to give closure to our Heart of Life Retreat, we sat together at Centre Wild Flower in Paris. We each spoke in the talking/listening circle. We worked together and we lunched together, sharing food that each of us had brought to the table. We chanted the four vows together and bowed three times together. We then each went our separate ways into the late afternoon sun.

Now I’m writing here to thank you for your participation in this Zen experiment of ours, a retreat like no other. I couldn’t do it with out you. You are all pioneers, trail-blazers exploring this new frontier of Zen in the 21st century. This frontier is your life!

And I’m also writing to ask you to help us continue to explore this Zen frontier together – with retreats, daily meditation sessions, the Wild Flower Center in Paris. I can’t do it without you. Please consider making a donation to support this precious trail we are blazing for the benefit of everyone everywhere: