Heartfelt greetings as the « new » and « old » rise and fall. May the richness of every moment be yours!
So it’s that time again. True, it’s a hollow convention of the relative world. True, « New Year’s Day » is every day – every day, every minute, every second, a « new » one. And still…
And still, it’s that time again today and we have the opportunity to take up the convention of our oh-so-solid world and look at where we are. What do we wish for our fellow beings? Not just because it’s a « new » year, but just because they are our fellow beings. What do we want in our life? What is essential, after all, above all?
There’s no better time to ask than now.
Patti Smith writes in her book « Just Kids » that her mother used to say that what you do on New Year’s Day reflects what the coming year will be for you.
Me, I’m writing these words, the first here of this year, as an offering for whoever comes upon them.
And you? What are you doing today?