mai 2012

City alive

Par |2015-10-02T15:38:00+01:00mai 29th, 2012|Textes|

The city's alive with its secrets under the cobblestones and in back courtyards, down side streets and basking on café terraces along wide boulevards bathed in delicious late-spring sun. At my desk, birdsong drifts in the window. So does the grind and screech of the trash men making their morning rounds. In the back of [...]

(Maybe) I’m amazed

Par |2015-10-02T15:38:52+01:00mai 23rd, 2012|Textes|

So much "happening" these days, and every "thing" throughout the day seems to be "unexpected." I never know what I will find in my "inbox" - in the computer, on the phone, on my plate, on the Métro, around the corner, in the next room, the next minute, under my foot, in my hand... I'm [...]

Point the way?

Par |2015-10-02T15:39:05+01:00mai 13th, 2012|Textes|

Evening. A bird sings in the tree outside my window. One word for such a moment might be "sweet." But the word is not the moment. A poem I quoted yesterday: A man pulling radishes points the way with a radish. How do you point the way?

Change is now

Par |2015-10-02T15:39:20+01:00mai 7th, 2012|Textes|

After all this, it finally happens: Change is now, as the new French president's campaign slogan said. In France, we have a feeling of relief today, of a return to "normal" after five years of some sort of collective insanity when everything was about "appearance" rather than about things as they truly are, plain and [...]


Par |2015-10-02T15:39:29+01:00mai 1st, 2012|Textes|

A new month. The sky cleared and sun flooded the garden all day. Love it. All dark out there now. Love it, too. Meanwhile, caught up in French politics, which is on everyone's mind here, even if it's one of the three subjects people say are not to be discussed at a dinner party (the [...]

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