mars 2013

Right where you are

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Preparing for a new voyage today: I'll be heading in a few hours for retreat near Lisbon. I'll cross national borders and time zones, shift from one set of cultural habits and ways to another, enter the realm of a language other than the two I usually speak. And yet... Amid all our differences, we'll [...]

One small effort (without fanfare)

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Since my last post here... and spring without fanfare. And meanwhile: Whatever snow there was is now long gone. And the sun is as loyal as ever, behind or before the clouds. And night, too, falling upon us quietly. All without fanfare. In the Métro full of commuters the other morning a man was [...]

The Next Big Thing:  »Here We Are »

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Here's my self-interview for the ongoing Next Big Thing project connecting us all and reflecting each of us and our work, gem-to-gem, around the net. Each writer/artist gets the same set of questions to answer about his/her current work. I was tagged to join the project by Pansy Mauer-Alvarez, who was tagged by Dylan Harris [...]


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I'm not a Catholic, nor a Christian for that matter, nor an ardent follower of the Vatican. Among my favorite "pope" moments recently was the terrific Nanni Moretti film "Habeus Papum" starring Michel Piccoli as the man-who-wouldn't-be-pope. I couldn't help but chuckle while thinking of that delightful film's impeccable staging of the conclave, vote, white [...]

Another load of laundry

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Something came up yesterday that I just knew was the next entry here. Involved with some other preoccupation at the time, I had no choice but to put off the noting of that brilliant moment. And now as I sit before the screen to finally make record of it, whatever "it" was has escaped me. [...]

Filling the silence

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During a pause while the dentist was doing work in my mouth today, he was telling me something (I can't now recall what). I asked him why he was telling me this. He replied, to my surprise, "Je meuble le silence." (I'm filling the silence.) So much in the news, in the movies, on television, [...]

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