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juillet 2007

At this very moment

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Individuals, just as they are, reveal the unity of Buddhas and beings, without inside or outside. It is wholly manifested at this very moment, in this very place. Gesshu Zenji, 17th-century Zen master

Ignorance, la suprême connaissance (the supreme knowledge)

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"Qu'est-ce que le Tao? Au-dessous de toutes les formes, ce qui n'a pas de forme, ce qui voit sans yeux, ce qui guide sans savoir, l'ignorance qui est la suprême connaissance." Paul Claudel (dans Cinq méditations sur la beauté, de François Cheng) ("What is the Tao? Above all forms, that which is formless, which sees [...]

« Ulysses, » episode 6, reading notes

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Homeric link: Hades/Hadès Scene: The Graveyard/la cimetière Hour: 11 a.m./11 heures Organ: Heart/coeur Art: Religion/religion Colors: White, Black/blanc, noir Symbol: Caretaker/gardien With this visit to the underworld - Glasnevin Cemetery, the heart of Dublin, the city of the dead - Joyce concludes his second triad of episodes. Here the seemingly separate movements of Stephen and [...]