octobre 2011

(The music of) Being offline

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Still unconnected, and therefore relying on the kindness of friends to maintain a semblance of presence on the electronic waves that wash over, around, through us all. As a result, I have discovered something like a new beat in the ordinary rhythm of "my life." With constant computing always an option, the days and nights [...]


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Just when I'm least expecting it... Computer crashes, perhaps fatally. A whole new world opens up, "unconnected.'' Meanwhile, notice in the dictionary that the root of the word occupy, as in "Occupy Wall Street,'' is from the Latin "to take possession of," "to possess," and "to seize." Maybe not the most appropriate slogan for protests [...]

« Seeing » Qaddafi’s end

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The terrible images of Qaddafi's demise on Thursday came to us, appropriately in this "connected" world, via mobile telephone. As Libyans then lined up to see his dead body, they all had their phones ready to "save" the image. (Although I don't have a mobile phone, I recognize this tendency via other modes of "recording," [...]


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I must say that I'm not taking to the streets amid all these protests that are sweeping the world under a variety of names. And I also must say that I am pleased to see it happening, overjoyed, in fact. It has taken awhile for this awakening of sorts to emerge. I remember years and [...]

Portrait at night, with vulnerability

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The cat is asleep beside me. Music drifts in from a café somewhere down the street. Someone calling from another part of France tonight told me he could see what looked like a full moon. I can't see it from here. Someone calling from America told me it was a fine morning in the streets [...]

Long arms, reaching nowhere

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Watched the two remaining French Socialist candidates "debate" tonight before their final election on Sunday. A lot of this, that and the other. The most convincing one talked about her experience, from right here, about what she really believes. The other seemed to be talking ahead, around, about what he thought "people" wanted to hear. [...]

We are all 1

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There's something starting to gather force in America these days, the "Occupy Wall Street" protest movement. On it's Web site, Occupy Wall Street explains that it "is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that [...]

Love in the métro

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Came across this quote today: "The entire cosmos is a cooperative." I suppose that says it all. What would happen if we each realized only that? In the métro, I had a taste this morning. In need of help to sort out why my son's annual transport pass wasn't working, I inquired at the window [...]

Telling the tale

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Tonight a new month suddenly looks like a wonderful opportunity to "settle down" after a crazy, scattered September: What have I been doing all these days and weeks? All and nothing. I can't even remember the beginning of it all... Bits and pieces of the day come to mind, a work day of reading and [...]

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