novembre 2010

End of the month, another wave

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A "last" entry of the month comes amid a chill across the Continent. The back garden has been white for two days. Also this entry comes amid another wave of "transparency" from the WikiLeaks people. What's this obsession with exposing everything and everyone? Within darkness there is light, but don't look for that light. Within [...]

In the midst of at-easiness

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A hectic week has led to this, a ragged Saturday for which there had once been other plans. Those plans changed. Which opened an unexpected vista of the "unexpected." I could think in terms of "lost and found": I "lost" what I had planned to do this weekend (Zen Art); I "found" what I had [...]

Dust (lurking around each corner)

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Paging through the day, from early to late afternoon. Desires abound, lurking around each corner. Streets in the Marais are packed with them. What happened there? What happened to Goldenberg's? Only the corner remains. And commercial real estate reigns. We visit the "Marché de la poésie." I'd like to be inspired, but instead find myself [...]

Poetics online

Par |2017-04-04T06:58:18+01:00novembre 20th, 2010|Poésie|

See some of my recent writing in the special France issue of the online magazine ekleksographia: And as long as we're at it, also online, although less recent:

Beyond the known world, in the rain scattered lightly

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It might be in the rain that comes scattered lightly at moments and at others full, direct, as if in a linear flow, or in the sun that is known by absence these autumn days. Or in chatter among strangers on the crowded morning train. Or in multi-colored balloons strung along a café facade in [...]

Riffing with Keith (and then it’s gone)

Par |2017-04-04T06:58:18+01:00novembre 14th, 2010|Textes|

The weekend newspapers are full of words, stories, images, reflections, conventions, stereotypes, observations, almost everything that can be said fast. After all, journalism is called "literature in a hurry." Much of it has already been "overtaken" by events before it's even printed. Wasn't it the Stones who sang, "Who wants yesterday's paper?" And speaking of [...]

Born to be wild

Par |2015-10-02T17:08:15+01:00novembre 11th, 2010|Textes|

It's wild "out there" tonight, fierce, icy wind whipping up rain and rousing the trees. Wild? As in out of control? Not tame? Free? Reminds me of a Zen story: A student asks a master: "All wild thoughts of mundane passions are hard to subdue; how can they be quieted?" The master replies: "Thinking of [...]

Mozart, Zen, no decorations necessary

Par |2017-04-04T06:58:18+01:00novembre 7th, 2010|Textes|

Strikes keep on going on in France. And we all keep on going on with daily life, too, amid the strikes and protests and governmental scolds and babble. Saturday was another national strike day. Arriving at the Opéra Bastille in the driving night rain, we learn that, because of a strike by some personnel, the [...]

A November song

Par |2015-10-02T17:11:05+01:00novembre 6th, 2010|Textes|

Rainy Saturday afternoon during which I learn to repair a sitting cushion thanks to the kind guidance of a colleague/friend amateur seamstress who has stopped by with that purpose in mind. Quiet seems to fill the house, the garden, our talk, the cat curled on the back of the couch before the bay window. There's [...]

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