décembre 2010

Happy Birthday, Patti Smith

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An entry today in honor of Patti Smith on her 64th birthday, in the name of poetry, in the name of art, in the name of rock 'n roll, in the name of Rimbaud, Dylan, Ginsberg, Joyce, in the name of New York, in the name of Paris, in the name of no in-betweens, in [...]

Interior to interior

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Past days have flowed all one into the other, silent with the seamless closeness of family at holiday time. Together could also be to-gather. And now we're all moving on. I've missed writing here. The words were elsewhere. I read in instructions for Chinese calligraphy that lines begin in the interior and end in the [...]

Stroke by stroke

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I didn't answer the phone today, trying to get some writing done before the "day job" occupies my time again in coming days. What I managed to put on the page is a fine start, always open to modification. Tomorrow it will look different than it does today. Giacometti used to rip the heads off [...]

Pause hivernale

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Il n'y aura pas de séances de méditation: les lundis 20 et 27 décembre les vendredis 24 et 31 décembre On reprendra: le lundi 3 janvier à 20h le vendredi 7 janvier à 19h45

All the wealth and success…

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"Bernard Madoff told his sons that their entire lives — all the wealth and success the family seemed to possess — were based on a lie," The New York Times reports in article about the suicide of Madoff's son today, two years after his father's arrest for swindling billions from innumerable "investors." It's another sad [...]

In between yet during

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Having answered mail, dealt with laundry, had breakfast and other morning tasks, I now am in between. Or so I think. The snow is no longer falling, yet it remains on the ground back and front, in the garden, on the sidewalk and the street, and on the trees and cars and rooftops. The melt [...]

Threading away

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Strung a number of years ago between trees outside my bedroom window, the Tibetan prayer flag is now threading away into the foliage. Today in the icy drizzle, it seems at once destitute, diminished, alone, lost in the tangle of leaf and branch, its colors now faded from their once-brilliant glory, and unflappably resilient, an [...]

Gifts, received and offered

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Among the birthday gifts I received and for which I am grateful, there was this, from students in Portugal, which I now offer here, like "the scattering leaves:" Make the universe your companion, always bearing in mind the true nature of things - mountains and rivers, trees and grasses, and humanity. Enjoy the falling blossoms [...]

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