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janvier 2011

Let it all go and go and go

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Late again. Or is it? Seems more dark, quiet, restful than late. As if the obscure slide into night brings welcome nonresistance. Which reminds me of a variation on "yes meditation" proposed by the piano maestro Keith Jarrett: “If I let my hands play, my only rules are: ‘Don’t say no to harmony, don’t say [...]

Don’t know what else there is to say

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Someone reminded me today about this poem that Leonard Cohen wrote about his Zen teacher, entitled "Roshi": I never really understood what he said but every now and then I find myself barking with the dog or bending with the irises or helping out in other little ways. Rare and precious words. Don't know what [...]

She just wanted to eat

By | 2015-10-02T16:52:40+01:00 janvier 4th, 2011|Textes|

This afternoon at Monoprix, a local down-market department store and supermarket, there is a commotion by one of the exits. A woman's shouts rise, a small crowd has assembled. The guard is trying to wrestle a shopping bag away from the woman. Looks like a foiled shop-lifting attempt. Except that she's hanging on for dear [...]

What are you doing (New Year’s Day 2011)?

By | 2015-10-02T16:53:11+01:00 janvier 1st, 2011|Textes|

Heartfelt greetings as the "new" and "old" rise and fall. May the richness of every moment be yours! So it's that time again. True, it's a hollow convention of the relative world. True, "New Year's Day" is every day - every day, every minute, every second, a "new" one. And still... And still, it's that [...]