avril 2011

Observations, temporarily

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Here I am at my desk again, fingers poised over the keyboard, no idea what will come next. A thought of something I read the other day about the necessity of great empty space in a Greek temple, because the void is where the gods are. The rest of us are lumped all together here [...]

Day to night, with apple blossoms

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Night again. Suddenly I recall that dawn was pink this morning when I looked up while making tea. A terrible smell filled the Métro end to end this afternoon. We all shared it. Later in my garden I noticed fragrant white blossoms on the small Japanese apple tree. Now, night again.

The immeasurable measurabilty of the immeasurable

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First entry of this "new" month, which follows what seemed like the endless month of March. From here, I have no view of that long-ago beginning. Yet month to month, moment to moment, "life" is undivided, neither fast or slow or endless. Lunch in the sun on a café terrace in the boulevard Montparnasse had [...]

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