juin 2011

Parting together (Je est un autre)

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Leaving sitting tonight, we see a sharp, clean graffiti painted in red on a wall: Je est un autre, it reads, quoting Rimbaud's famed line. I think of Marguerite Yourcenar... I is another, it is true indeed. And so, too, the other is I. Nonetheless, everything is hot and sticky tonight. A storm is brewing. [...]

This human adventure

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From Marguerite Yourcenar's notes for the writing of her beautiful Mémoires d'Hadrien: "Tout être qui a vécu l'aventure humaine est moi." (Every being who has lived the human adventure is me.) What if we could all say that? What if we each truly experienced that? It's as true as it is simple, now as in [...]

Famous last words

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Things change: Word has come that Joko Beck's last words before dying were not, as I noted in a previous posting, "This, too, is wonder..." The successor of Joko who had sent the first message about those words explained in her second message that her phrasing had given the erroneous impression that those words had [...]

Just this word

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Off to Lisbon for a Zen Art workshop. What is Zen Art? The joining of creativity and awakening, simply the "activity of non-aggression," as Trungpa said. We sit and we open, we sit and we act "from" the openness, just this line, just this word.

Happy Bloomsday

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Today is the 107th anniversary of that fine day when Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus stepped out for their great adventures around Dublin in James Joyce's Ulysses. The world has never been the same since. So read a page or two or more of that remarkable tale of awakening today. Or raise a toast, with [...]

Joko Beck

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This morning at 7:30 in America the Zen master Joko Beck died, we are told. She of "Everyday Zen" fame, she who is considered a pioneer of a contemporary Zen for our times in the West, she a beacon of our White Plum lineage. They said her last words were, "This too is wonder..." How [...]

Suddenly, this morning

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Suddenly Monday already, and yet another holiday here in France. The day began with a surprise when I flipped the switch for the light in the bathroom: suddenly no electricity. Whatever I might have been expecting at that moment, it was definitely not that. All the potential explanations that I could think of for the [...]

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