In response to a number of questions about the coming retreat in the heart of life (Feb. 14-19, see earlier posting), here are some details and explanations:

You do this « retreat » wherever you are. If you can and want to sit with others, please come and join us. But coming to those sittings is not required; anyone can participate wherever they are (someone may be in Sri Lanka, another in Mozambique, another London, another Montmartre, others Montreuil, Porto, etc.).

The idea is to be « on retreat » during the week, whatever you’re doing, and wherever you are. Few people will probably do all the sittings – including me, perhaps. That’s not important. We sit when we can, where we can, and we are all doing « together » what each of us needs to do « individually » throughout the day.

We can all/each have in mind that we are practicing together, even if physically we’re not together, even if we may not sit when the others sit, we know there’s sitting going on and practice going on every moment that week (and always, of course). We’re always in the heart of our own practice.

I’ll try to post daily « teachings » here. And if you’re participating (or if you’re not), please add your comments of how the week is going for you.

Despite the unconventional set-up, I’m asking people to « sign up » anyway, as a way of providing « structure » for us all. No fees, any donations accepted with gratitude.