octobre 2013


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Back in Montreuil today. Lazing in the late afternoon with Proust. I look up from the book for a moment, out the window, and there, a magnificent rainbow curves across the cloudy sky like a dome. It seems to hang there, stretching horizon to horizon above the trees, forever. But then finally once when I [...]

A coffee break with nothing and everything

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Without giving much thought to my intention, I left this blog in suspension for awhile. Then I picked it up again. Did it stop? Did it start? Before this item was posted, what was there? You might say, "There was the previous item." But before that previous item, what was there? You might say, "No [...]

Back and running the course

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Having never left, I'm back again... The itinerary, as Roshi Joan Halifax said recently as a tip to travelers, is always subject to reality. Myself, I let the summer run its course, with many twists and changes of terrain, before returning to my entries here at zenscribe. I hope you've not given up on me! [...]

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