janvier 2014

Rest in peace, Pete Seeger

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Sad day: The indefatigable songman and peace activist Pete Seeger died today, at the age of 94. He was a national treasure for all those Americans who stood up and spoke out, who refused to let the country pursue its hateful ways of war and oppression. His banjo was decorated with the message: "This machine [...]

Yes in hazy moonlight

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There was a hazy moon in the dark sky tonight. I noticed it earlier this evening when I was returning home after a day at work. And I saw it last night, too. But each time, when I checked for it later, the haze was nowhere to be seen. Only a brilliant moon remained. All [...]

Keep touching the ground

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Back at work and other activities this week after the traditional holiday "break.'' Seems a bit strange, like I've been away for a long while, and strangely just the same, as if I've never left. I guess the truth is that both are true... I've also been thinking how lucky I am to have "activities" [...]

Completion and renewal

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As 2013 has come to a close and we enter 2014, it's a great moment to remind ourselves where we have been and also to look clearly at where we are: at both an end and a beginning. Think of a circle, which is both a completion (2013 is complete) and a renewal (a new [...]

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