décembre 2015

At République, a moment of collective grace

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Everyone has probably heard by now that after her sold-out show in Paris last week, Madonna made an impromptu appearance at the Place de la République, singing three songs with her teenage son and a friend playing an acoustic guitar. True, it was a nice gesture, and it was also a photogenic scene, filmed in [...]

novembre 2015

Francis and the way of love

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As I was eating breakfast this morning, I heard on the radio that while all the world's great and powerful leaders are gathering not far from my home outside Paris to talk about the climate crisis, Pope Francis was visiting a mosque in Bangui, in the war-ravaged Central African Republic. Everyone had warned the pope [...]

Gotta love ’em: Belgians, cats, Dalai Lama

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Moving right along, entering our second week after 'the night that changed everything'... Gotta love those Belgians. With Brussels at a standstill amid imminent threat and everybody asked to keep quiet about police operations, people decided to fight terrorism with... cats. Check out Belgian surrealism rising to the occasion on Twitter at #BrusselsLockdown And gotta [...]

After Paris attacks: the heart of the matter

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Deep sadness here in Paris, and we are shocked and shaken, too, by the horror of last night's attacks in our beloved city. My heart breaks and breaks for the suffering of the victims and their executioners, and for all of us in this fragile world spinning with greed, anger and ignorance. For now, it [...]

One and all: lunchtime thoughts and COP21 in Paris

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Stepped out of the office just now to pick up some lunch. Ended up getting pasta with shrimp, coriander and lemon, a green salad and water. But what is more interesting than my lunch is that on the way back I spotted the above poster on a bus shelter advertising the coming Paris climate conference, [...]

This is Monday, another day in November

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So I look out my window this morning in Montreuil and see that a pile of junk - random items like an old toaster, a keyboard, books, a broken picture frame - that someone dumped next to the tree outside my door late last night is now gone. There's also a leaf falling in brilliant [...]

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