Sunday afternoon in Montreuil, overcast sky. Unlike this morning, when there was a brilliant sun illuminating the Place Jean Jaurès, which was filled with people buying bread, groceries, flowers, the Sunday papers, visiting the Christmas market in the chill. I was again struck by how different this neighborhood has become since I moved here 20 years ago. In those early years, there would have been no one at the Place Jean Jaurès on Sunday morning; there would have been no reason to go there (no place to buy groceries, bread, newspapers, flowers, no Christmas market).

Everything, of course, changes. Except that everything is always never the same.

Tomorrow, our retreat in the Heart of Life begins. Today, I have no idea how it will be. What will happen? When? Where? How? Who? Actually, having no idea is a perfect place to begin. It’s also a perfect way to live life, open to the infinite possibility of each moment.

So watch this space early every morning for my daily entry as I plunge with you into the unknown. Then post a comment telling us (in any language!) about your own plunge into the heart of your life. And if you haven’t yet signed up to join us, send me an email at A bientôt!