After a very long break due to the woes of computer technology, I’m finally returning to my beloved zenscribe posts! And keeping my fingers crossed that this post will in fact appear: I discovered just now that nothing in the interface looks like it did before… Change happens, of course, everywhere, every moment. Everything is always never the same.

Just back from a magnificent weeklong retreat of writing and meditation at Dechen Choling, Shambhala’s European center, in the rolling French countryside not far from Limoges. The days were almost timeless, the moments shifting with our words and the clouds and sunlight and stars and slices of hazy moon. Some afternoons, as I sat writing at a long wooden table on the veranda, salt and pepper shakers and flowers in a glass cast long shadows as the autumn sun made its descent toward evening. By dinner time, the sky was dark, no sun in sight. But hard as I tried, I never could see the exact point at which one moment became another…  I know that every moment was singular, though. As were all the words of all the participants.

Saturday afternoon in Montreuil now. On Monday morning, our retreat in the Heart of Life will begin. Please come to visit this space every day to join in the marvellous ungraspable unfolding of our week of singular moments.