mai 2011

Reading at The Red Wheelbarrow

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For those in Paris, I'll be performing with two other poets on Monday, May 9: Paris-based poets Amy Hollowell and Pansy Maurer-Alvarez joined by poet and publisher Robert Hershon from Brooklyn for performances of their work: May 9 19h entrée libre The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore 22, rue St. Paul, 75004 Paris Métro: St. Paul, Bastille, [...]

avril 2011

janvier 2011


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Warm thanks to all those who came out to hear me read last night. It was a great crowd. Watch for the video to be posted here soon!

novembre 2010

Poetics online

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See some of my recent writing in the special France issue of the online magazine ekleksographia: And as long as we're at it, also online, although less recent:

mai 2010

Anne Waldman and Nathaniel Dorsky

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For those in Paris, two exceptional events not to miss for anyone interested in Buddhism, art, poetry, cinema, light, darkness, form, emptiness, beauty, presence, absence, phenomena, ephemera, expressions of the ungraspable world of here and now...: a reading/performance by legendary American poet Anne Waldman on Tuesday May 4, 19h, Point Ephémère, (Métro Jaurès); bilingual, English-French [...]

septembre 2009

Salon des Mots

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An open invitation to anyone who will be in Utrecht on Oct. 10: I'm reading my work in this event: Salon des Mots - Season Premiere Saturday October 10 20h Atelier de Werkvloer Brigittenstraat 7 Utrecht free entry More info:

mai 2009

Nathaniel Dorsky

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May 5, 19h, Centre Pompidou, three short films by American experimental filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky: Song and Solitude (2005-2006), Threnody (2004), The Visitation (2002) May 12, 19h, Centre Pompidou, four short films by American experimental filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky: Sarabande (2008), Compline (2009), Aubade (2010), Winter (2008) Long a figure of interest to many contemporary American poets, [...]

avril 2009

The End of the World as I Know It

Par |2009-04-28T18:43:35+01:00avril 28th, 2009|Poésie|

It's the end of the world as I know it at The front door in white pellets on the walk The constant disappearance of everything I know Stones the size of a clamor melt the roof Suddenly there's this hail of hail and then Suddenly this not-hail hailing the il n'y plus rattle of hail [...]

février 2009

Ciao! Walt Whitman

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Lunch with my son at a favorite Sicilian trattoria where the pasta is so fine. The owner says she's weary, has no break. We understand and say so. Smiling, she calls Ciao! as we leave, happy that we are going, happy that we came. Am steeped in Walt Whitman, meanwhile (in preparation for a seminar [...]

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