novembre 2006

L’essence de la voie, c’est “oui”

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(English translation in progress) extrait du discours, Bodhidharma’s Wake-Up Sermon fait à Montreuil, le 30 décembre 2005 par Amy Hollowell Sensei Récemment, j’étais au cirque avec mon fils et mon mari. Il y avait beaucoup de monde et nous avons eu des places qui étaient un peu derrière un poteau. Le chapiteau était organisé en [...]

Joyce’s « Ulysses: » Shikantaza on the Liffey

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James Joyce’s "Ulysses," first published in 1922, in a limited edition in Paris, is generally recognized as one of the 20th century’s greatest works of prose (if not the greatest) in the English language. It looms large as a work of art, a magnificent literary masterpiece, a modernist monument, and yet, as Stuart Gilbert wrote [...]

Contact Amy Sensei

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Contacter Amy Sensei avec des commentaires, questions, suggestions: Conact Amy Sensei with comments, questions, suggestions: For information about and registration for retreats and Wild Flower Zen activities: Pour des renseignments, des inscripitions et d'autres informations sur les activitiés du Wild Flower Zen:

One Word

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A monk asked, "What is the one word?" Joshu said, "If you hold on to one word, it will make an old man of you." --- The Recorded Sayings of Zen Master Joshu (Altamira Press, 1998)

Resistance is difficult, not change

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Sky is gray in Paris. Garden a galaxy of colors. Grass still green; some leaves drop, some hold. Pee ocher yellow green new daily. Paws wet, the tan cat comes in from the rain. Road work in full grinding swing. Resistance is difficult, not change. Change is the essential nature of all things. How to [...]

Cease to strive/Cesse de lutter

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"Kind air defined the coigns of houses in Kildare street. No birds. Frail from the housetops two plumes of smoke ascended, pluming, and in a flaw of softness softly were blown. Cease to strive. Peace of the druid priests of Cymbeline, hierophantic: from wide earth an altar." --- James Joyce, "Ulysses" "Un air suave cernait [...]

Amy Hollowell Sensei’s lineage

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Amy Hollowell Sensei is one of three dharma heirs, or successors, of the French Zen master Catherine Genno Pagès Roshi, who founded Dana Zen Center in Montreuil, France, in 1994. Genno Roshi is a second-generation dharma heir of the late Taizan Maezumi Roshi, founder of Zen Center of Los Angeles and the White Plum Asangha. [...]


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Le Zen défie toute définition: ni religion, ni philosophie, ni système de pensée, ni doctrine, ni croyance. La méditation Zen, pratique de base, nous aide à expérimenter ce qui ne peut pas être défini: l'instant présent, ici, maintentant. Zen defies definition: It is not a religion, not a philosophy, not a system of thought, not [...]

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