I rest quietly and Apollonaire brings this to mind:

Emperor Shukuso asked Chu, the National Teacher, « After a hundred years (after you have died), what do you want me to do? »
« Build a seamless tomb for this old monk, » replied the National Teacher.
« I ask the National Teacher, please show me the design of the tomb, » said the Emperor.
The National Teacher rested quietly for a while, then asked, « Do you understand? »
« I do not understand, » replied the Emperor.
« I have a dharma successor, Tangen, » said the National Teacher, « please send for him and ask him about it. »
After the National Teacher’s death, the Emperor sent for Tangen and asked him what was his teacher’s idea. Tangen said:
« South of Sho, north of Tan. Within it there is gold that fills the land. Beneath the shadowless tree, a ferry boat. In the crystal palace, there is no intellect. »
Blue Cliff Record, Case 18