juillet 2009

Sit and see

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Ready to "go" again. Retreat in Portugal this time. After all these years, I still love (or am in love with?) the idea that any number of disparate individuals choose to come together from their very singular lives and sit down as one for awhile. Day after day. And acknowledge that we're all in this [...]

Falls a maple leaf

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Amid the bustle of worldly affairs, summer is hot and cool, dry and wet, clear and overcast, day and night... I'm like that, too, one activity, another activity, and another... The papers are full of it, and the garden, too, in full bloom, and me. News arrives by phone of a sudden grave illness in [...]

We’ll never be there again

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Back now from retreat. Return after a week away to find the city relaxed, moving step by step, unbound. Recall the mist on the green morning hills outside my window before a first sitting. Night had been filled with fitful sleep. I drank it all, then turned to dress. The entire week was like that: [...]

To one and all

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Off for a week, in retreat. Keeping in mind the words of Obaku, one of the ancestors: I don't expect anything. I just bow. And so I do, to one and all.

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