All weekend, as I go about home activities (waking, sleeping, dressing, cooking, cleaning, talking, shopping) and then take up the day-job of cutting, fitting, packaging reports of what a select few have sorted and catergorized as the day’s most worthy news, I am with a few incisive words from Georges Bataille about the nature and realization of intimacy with self and all else:

« Ce qu’une lumière, inévitablement discrète, et non le grand jour de la science, à la longue nous révèle est une vérité difficile à côté de celle des choses: elle ouvre à l’éveil silencieux. »
(« What a light that is inevitably discreet, as opposed to the bright day of science, reveals in the long-term is a truth that is difficult compared to that of things: It opens to silent awakening. »)

There is not another thing to say.