I would like to post something here, but what?
We all seem so involved with getting and spending, pursuing distraction. I see it, I see me do it as I enter into a discussion about office intrigues or a football match or read about politics in the paper or shine my shoes. And so what?
It’s a fine wet evening under clouds.
Have in mind what the master Nansen said to Joshu: « Knowing is illusion; not knowing is blankness. »
Like the big band leader Benny Goodman said, « It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got swing. »

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Enseignante Zen et poète, Sensei Amy “Tu es cela” Hollowell est née et a grandi à Minneapolis, aux Etats-Unis. Arrivée en France en 1981 pour étudier la littérature et l’histoire, elle y est restée, s’installant à Paris, où elle élève ses deux enfants et gagne sa vie en tant que journaliste. The Zen teacher and poet Amy “Tu es cela” Hollowell Sensei was born and raised in Minneapolis, but came to France in 1981 to study literature and history and has lived in Paris ever since, raising her two children and making a living as a journalist.


  1. little lake 8 novembre 2009 at 22 h 54 min - Reply

    " …the rose does not know why
    she blosoms becous she blossoms…"

    Angelus Silesius – German Mystic 17th ct

  2. Wilem.. 7 novembre 2009 at 11 h 23 min - Reply

    And so what, but what..? Thought it was ‘That.."swing..Ciao, W

  3. Ting 7 novembre 2009 at 7 h 50 min - Reply

    This – I believe – is a quote from Ajahn Chah.
    With his arms raised above his head he exclaims:
    "Joy at last to know there is no happiness in the world".

    A lovely paradox again.
    Liberation within the First Noble Truth.

    Nansen draws a similar picture: knowing is illusion; not knowing is blankness.
    And I don’t think he is trying to depress Joshu.

    So maybe it’s a thin line between being completely stuck, and being free?
    Is there even a thin line?
    The “swing” is crossing this thin (or even non-existent) line?

  4. little lake 6 novembre 2009 at 22 h 29 min - Reply

    swing = alive! aware! fluid! ?????

  5. HJ 6 novembre 2009 at 6 h 36 min - Reply

    swing = to freedom, flexibility?

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