juillet 2010

Art of life, life of art

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"Genuine art - dharma art - is simply the activity of nonagression." There's more to this statement from the late great Tibetan master Chogyam Trungpa than meets the eye. And yet... It opens every moment of life to the possibility of "art." Which is the truth, no doubt about it. Meanwhile, the getting and spending [...]

Radical plunge

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City is hot, sticky yet less congested. Little by little, the population is shifting, any residents who can going elsewhere, tourists who can staying. Always the come-and-go. And yet, here we are amid events of the day. There's always a spark, never a dull moment as they say, if we stay right where we are. [...]

What is your one obstacle?

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Summer is well on its way. Last night we sat together for the last time this "season" in our Friday night place, the Red Earth Centre. My question for everyone was: What is your one obstacle? I talked a bit, others shared their thoughts and impressions. Then we each went our ways. A true meditation [...]

Sweet summer night

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Other outages, and now a return "online." Like the basement that flooded yesterday for the first time after heavy rain. Now it's a delicious evening, the beginning of the national holiday in France, people wandering toward street parties for drink and dancing. Certainly nothing like Spain the past few nights, though. We knew that kind [...]

Connected? Yes. And no.

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Baking in the heat. Remember the Zen tale of going where there is neither heat nor cold: When it's hot, just be hot; when it's cold, just be cold. Now it seems a storm must certainly be brewing. Technology has played havoc again with my best intentions to make a record here of the days. [...]

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