There has been so much ado since Saturday about the plane crashing in a Russian forest with an array of Polish leaders, including the president, on board. There were, the news reports said, no survivors.
We might say none of us are survivors (we all are dying), or we all are survivors (who dies?), including those on the plane heading to Katyn.
And yet there is great sorrow and sense of loss. In Zen we say death is certain, the time of death is uncertain.
And death? What might that be?
The last two lines from a poem by the French poet Pierre Reverdy:
« Il reste peu de chose à prendre
Dans un homme qui va mourir. »
(There is little left to take
From a man who is going to die.)
Since we all are dying, there is nothing much to take…or lose…or lack…or gain from any of us. Because at this moment, we already have it all.