I come upon a headline in the morning newspaper indicating that Facebook is a closed circuit, unlike the vast openness of the greater Web. Not being a Facebook « member » (or should I say « friend »?), I wouldn’t know. Hum… exactly the point… Perhaps I’ll have to read the article under the headline.

Meanwhile, it’s the morning after a gathering of my « tribe » of Zen relations, the White Plum Asangha, here in Montreuil in the Dana Sangha center. Part of the « family » traveled from America, part of it from other corners of Europe. And then here we all were. It felt like gazing at the star-filled sky on a clear night; the more I looked the more I saw the depth and bredth of our shared dharma: What makes us different is what makes us the same.
Am touched and honored and grateful to be a part of this group of such beautiful people, singular Zen teachers all going step by step into the unknown with an eye on the well-being of one and all.
The simplicity is incomparably inspiring. And the vibrance provides undeniable proof that this « way » is thriving moment to moment in this very « place. » That is, wherever you are.