Have been absent from this space for far too long. Rather, I have been present, just without words.
Tonight, a sweet evening deepens.
I’m recalling the « writing » and « sitting » day shared with Paris Wild Flowers on Saturday, in and out of the sun and shade. So many words emerging, floating, soaring, searing, singing, ringing, jingling in a melodiously murmuring cacophony of the present moment!
I open my notes from the day and find these lines from my « Group Portrait »:
« So many identities in a blur
front, behind, around, beyond
glass & terrace & wood
framed & spilling
one at a time all at once
So many identities rise & fall
in a changing scene of light & shadow
climbing walls like vines
vine & wall in a blur of stillness & desire
alive in pairs as one
in a plunge. »