Other outages, and now a return « online. »
Like the basement that flooded yesterday for the first time after heavy rain.

Now it’s a delicious evening, the beginning of the national holiday in France, people wandering toward street parties for drink and dancing. Certainly nothing like Spain the past few nights, though. We knew that kind of partying here in France in 1998… Sweet.
I open the book on my desk, a novel that I haven’t yet read. My eyes fall on this sentence in the middle of the page: « Quel malheur de mourir, de viellir et de voir les bonnes choses s’éloigner si vite de nous. » (How sad to die, grow old and watch the good things slip away from us so quickly.)
Ah, such is life. Although the problem is not dying and growing old; the problem is the « good, » the « slip away, » the « us, » the « quickly. »