Rain has been coming down all day, off and on, laced with a chilling edge. Late afternoon, and it’s hard to imagine that it’s warm and sunny somewhere, or snow-bound, or deep, dark night. Of course it is, however, and of course I can’t « know » it unless I’m there. What does it mean to be « there, » though?

If nothing else this week, perhaps we’ve all experienced at one moment or another the letting go of « our » « personal » territory. It could be our « internal » territory, what we identify as our self, what we want to feel or not feel, think or not think, be or not be. It could be our « external » territory, too, what we identify as our place and the place of the other(s). The question is what we include and exclude, what we define as The Territory.
Who is doing what, where and when?
By throwing into question old ideas about where the retreat is taking place and what constitutes a « retreat » or « practice, » the territory’s horizons grow wider. Here we each are, simply in the middle of wide-open space, one infinite territory.

We had a « final » heart-of-life sit here this morning, followed by a « circle of words from the heart. » Then everyone went off again into « their » lives.
What will the coming days bring us? Everything!
And yet I know I’ll forget sometimes to notice it. Which doesn’t mean the richness and fullness of life are not there.
Thank you, everyone, for coming along with me on this journey into the heart of our lives.