Still unconnected, and therefore relying on the kindness of friends to maintain a semblance of presence on the electronic waves that wash over, around, through us all.
As a result, I have discovered something like a new beat in the ordinary rhythm of « my life. » With constant computing always an option, the days and nights could be like pop songs, littered with simplistic, repetitive beats. Wheras now, without the usual fall-back tool and activity, I feel more operatic, the unexpected arising unexpectedly, with lulls and flutters and sometimes soaring arias or a flourish of strings or horns.
It feels like a relief to truly not be able to respond instantly to what fills my inboxes.
As if I’m freed from some obligation I never even knew I had.
It’s a « forced » letting go, of course, which not surprisingly I sense I could get used to. Which would then of course require another letting go…