After a glance at the headlines in the daily paper, I find little that compels me to read on. Surprising? Maybe, maybe not. As a journalist, I tend to keep up with the news of the day one way or another, here and there. Once that’s done, I read what I want to read.
Most everything I come upon is about power and image, whether it’s politics, sports, fashion, entertainment, economics, opinion.
European union or disintegration is THE story of the moment, for sure, and I can only take so much of it at a time.
Without denying the importance of the « material world, » it’s equally as important to not reduce the whole of life to the dictates of getting and spending.
As always, everything is in the « right amount. »
Like this quote I find from Aung San Suu Kyi: « The greatest challenge for Burma and the countries of the Arab Spring, as well as all peoples who hope to enjoy the flowers and fruits of their endeavors in 2012, will be to bring wisdom to bear on passion and power, to create a blend of the two that is both effective and wholesome. »