Out and about in Paris these past two days, joining the flow of humanity along crowded boulevards.
This « holiday » time instills a particular energy in the activity of the city, everyone out seeking, with an eye to buy, although mostly they are not buying for themselves. How extraordinary! All this commercial frenzy so that people can offer gifts to someone else!
Under the glittering, luminous spectacle of the « Grands Magasins » here, the sidewalks were packed last night. I watched the people watching the lights, a display that is at once modern – powered by electricity – and ancient, timeless — a human fascination with light in darkness.
Something about the scene touched my heart, something pure and unknowing that transcends the mercantile mania. As if we are by nature drawn to light, to the awakened aspect of our being.
Even if that wasn’t what the crowds were « watching » last night…