septembre 2012

Méditation hebdomadaire/weekly meditation

Par |2015-10-08T17:33:39+01:00septembre 30th, 2012|La pratique Zen|

Les lundis soirs (Mondays), 20h-22h méditation et entretiens (interviews) avec Amy Sensei 4 Passage Courtois 75011 Paris (porte gauche/door on left, interphone 'maison', dernière étage/top floor) Tél. 06 10 87 82 19 (Joa) Les vendredis soirs (Fridays), 19h45-21h15 méditation et enseignement/discussion (talk/discussion) avec Amy Sensei Red Earth Centre 235 rue Lafayette 75010 Paris code 13B12 [...]

Adrift in transition

Par |2015-10-02T15:36:08+01:00septembre 13th, 2012|Textes|

When the moment came to once again start tapping in words here, I was initially held up by some technical difficulties before finally managing to "enter" zenscribe's empty pages. Anxiety gives way to relief: The space, as it were, is still mine!!! Strange notion, but so it goes... And now weeks after the last posting [...]

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