Adrift in transition

//Adrift in transition

Adrift in transition

When the moment came to once again start tapping in words here, I was initially held up by some technical difficulties before finally managing to « enter » zenscribe’s empty pages.
Anxiety gives way to relief: The space, as it were, is still mine!!! Strange notion, but so it goes…
And now weeks after the last posting before departure for summer adventures, here I am again, having to acknowledge that summer is now truly drifting into autumn.
And in fact I’m glad to be drifting along with it.
It’s a transition moment, like the ancient Chinese example of a row boat (or canoe) when you lift the oars for a moment: the effort of rowing is suspended, but the boat is carried on by its elan.
Can’t see where this can end: Isn’t everything always in transition?

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Enseignante Zen et poète, Sensei Amy “Tu es cela” Hollowell est née et a grandi à Minneapolis, aux Etats-Unis. Arrivée en France en 1981 pour étudier la littérature et l’histoire, elle y est restée, s’installant à Paris, où elle élève ses deux enfants et gagne sa vie en tant que journaliste. The Zen teacher and poet Amy “Tu es cela” Hollowell Sensei was born and raised in Minneapolis, but came to France in 1981 to study literature and history and has lived in Paris ever since, raising her two children and making a living as a journalist.


  1. little lake 16 septembre 2012 at 23 h 23 min - Reply

    glad too!

    autumn is just a concept? still there is somtehing we call autumn? not that the leaves on the trees wonder which date they can change colour…
    millions of things happen – we want some concepts to structure them – and tend to forget/confuse concepts are not reality?
    I allways remember how in old days at Eastern even when the wheater was much too cold people went to church with their new bought summer clothes. Not only confusion – but longing for summer?

    "the boat carried on by it’s elan"
    The weard thing is when you put the oar into the water again to row further – for a second it more stops the elan than it helps it further.
    the very goaldirected action – tends to stop the natural flow.
    One has to be in the right rythm/flow – to work along with the "elan"

  2. Tu es cela 13 septembre 2012 at 21 h 29 min - Reply

    Glad to read you again, too, Tiago. Thanks.

  3. Tiago 13 septembre 2012 at 20 h 50 min - Reply

    Until this year, summer had always been for me a time of holiday and end/begin of another year. Having had not been given the chance to "stop" made me realise that like the seasons drift into eachother, also do we drift from thought to thought, from day to day, from work to school to work, to practice everyday. The "boat is carried on by its elan" indeed.
    Glad to read you again, sensei. Love.

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