Another marvelous Leonard Cohen concert last night, and this time at the legendary Olympia theater in Paris.
Today, it seems like whatever I might write about the experience here would be merely words words words. They would fail to transmit the joy of so much emotion, so much love, so much happiness and sorrow, so much true being in its innumerable facets that fill an evening such as this with Leonard Cohen and his fellow musicians.
Even trying to find a definition for what kind of music it is, or what is so remarkable about the evening, proves to be impossible. But whatever it might be, it is whole: His whole being filled with devotion to life in all its diversity, and to voicing that abundance in poetry and song.
To borrow one of his phrases: It’s an imperfect perfect offering, and that’s how the light gets in.
He’s traveling the world these days, tipping his hat and kneeling before crowds everywhere, and if you can, go see him skip onto a stage near you at the age of 78.