Good morning from Montreuil.

Quietly awakening here with some green tea and the cat, thinking of all you other retreat participants (those who signed up to join and those who didn’t): We’re all in this together. I like that thought.

But wait a minute… Who is « we »? If I expand my notion of « we, » where does the inclusion stop? I have to include Trump voters? I have to include Trump? The gypsy lady who I bought bread for yesterday? Bashar al-Assad? The guy who pushes in front of me in line at the store? Islamic fundamentalists? Jehovah’s witnesses ringing at my door?

And what is « this »? Sure, it’s this crazy little thing I call « life. » But what is that, really? It’s incomprehensible, unfathomable, surreal, so simple sometimes, so terrible and complex at others…  It’s escaping me at 7:15. Or is it? How can my life escape me when I AM my life?

Remind yourself of that today and see what happens. You truly can make art out of anything!