Good morning/Bonjour/Bom dia from Paris. Here we are on the second day of our plunge…

Surrounded by a halo of wispy clouds, there was a lovely thin slice of moon high in the dark sky last night as we came into the street after sitting. Today is something different altogether. But what is it? Or even better: Who?

Let’s devote this day to beginner’s mind, the mind of « doubt » about all certainties, and particularly that big old certainty we all know very well: me/I.  In the midst of the stillness you discovered yesterday, ask yourself who you are at each moment, whatever you do, wherever go: Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? If there’s an answer, ask again, begin again and again and again.

Thanks for all your marvellous comments. Keep it up! Tell us specifically where you are – what city, country, street – and details of what you see – beach, river, rain, sun, trees, houses, cars, people, animals, etc. Take us with you into the splendid unknown.