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On my way home from sitting last night, in the bitter cold, I was reminded of a sentence from the late French writer Georges Bataille: « Le soleil donne sans jamais recevoir. » In English: « The sun gives without ever receiving. » And so it does, offering warmth and light to everything and everyone, freely, openly, generously.

This is a good phrase for today. Do I give without a thought of receiving? I don’t mean only giving something to someone; ultimately, it’s about giving myself to life without expecting something in return. Usually, we tend to be focused on saving, profiting, consuming to get ahead and ahead and ahead… But the truth is that there’s nowhere to go, nothing to get – you already have it all! And there’s more than enough to go around.

What made me think of that phrase from Bataille was a tree that I passed late last night, on the sidewalk just a few meters from my house. Because I thought a description wouldn’t be enough, I took a picture to share here. I don’t know if it’s one tree with strange, skinny branches sprouting from the ground or if it’s two trees or if it’s a tree with a plant sprouting around it. Whatever it is, it’s all one and it’s giving itself freely, generously to the whole of life.