What a week so far, so full of life-as-it-is. There are almost 40 of us signed up and participating in this retreat in at least 15 cities in 9 countries on 3 continents. Who knows how many ‘unregistered’ participants there are? Sentient beings are numberless…

Thank you everyone for the precision in recounting your day yesterday. The details large and small make the telling so very vivid and true. We’re there with you!  How lucky we are to be right where we are.

Yesterday, my own day, between the morning and evening meditations at home overlooking my back garden, was filled with errands, appointments, a lunch with dear friends, meetings on Skype, laundry, cooking, dishes to wash. Today it will be mostly devoted to work at the newspaper on the opposite side of Paris. And for the moment no sun in sight.

So we’ve been attentive to space and water, the white and blue elements of buddha and vajra in the Tibetan scheme. Today let’s turn to the earth element, ratna, the yellow family of abundance, fullness, accommodation — as in the above photo, it’s like the beautiful, multi-colored overflow of a vine’s autumn leaves spilling wildly over a gate in the middle of Paris yesterday. But this might manifest for you as the ‘other side’ of the element, as dissatisfaction, poverty, lack, suffocating pride. Pay attention to whatever it is.

So sit down. Even for a minute. Look around you. Look in you. What is earth? What is you? What is abundance? What are you doing today? I can’t wait to read about it.