Running behind ‘schedule’ today, rushing to get up and off to work, with breakfast consumed quickly while standing in the kitchen and no time for morning sitting. No time, either, to prepare my lunch, so had to stop on the way and pick something up, which will be consumed later while sitting (and working) at my desk in the newsroom. Which is where I am now, writing our Day IV post before diving into newspaper work. So now let me take a breath…

How clear it is what this day’s element will be! Action! Work! Go! Do! This is the family of karma in the Tibetan view, linked to wind, which is active and moving in all directions. Its color is green, and this energy can be wonderfully efficient and constructive, putting wisdom in action, or it can be frenetic, overwhelming, aggressive, competitive, driving us to become workaholics.

Be attentive to the wind, how it moves or doesn’t. Pay attention to yourself, how you move or don’t. Pay attention to what moves in you, and to what it is that moves you. What is the ‘right amount’ of effort? And pay attention to those around you, moving or not.

Here’s a koan for you: Two monks in 8th-century China were arguing about a flag in the wind. One monk said it was the flag that was moving. The other monk said it was the wind that was moving. Then along came a stranger (who actually turned out to be the man we call the ‘6th patriarch,’ Hui Neng). He listened, then said: ‘It’s not the flag that’s moving. It’s not the wind that’s moving. It’s your mind that’s moving.’

Thanks for all your wonderful, detailed comments all these days. Keep showering us with your riches!